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Welcome to the Seafood Wiki[]

Our very optimistic goal at the moment is to get enough information about seafood into our website to be recognized by other people, and hopefully get other people to contribute to the wiki.

What can you do here?[]

Well it's easy enough to find some seafood Recipes! Hopefully one day we will have more recipes than a "Seafood" issue of Bon Appetite but for now, we're starting small. You can also find some information on Food. It's also easy to find some Markets and Restaurants based around the world. Again, we're starting small and only have access to some of the restaurants in Minnesota, but you can help change that! Feel free to get in and start updating the wiki! If you happen to be interested in some of the Animals that go into your favorite seafood based, just click that link and you should [hopefully] be able to find some information. If the animals you are looking for isn't there, create a page for it and add in what you know. Maybe one day more people will be able to help us expand!

Be sure to check out some of the Articles case you are interested!


You can find the following things pertaining to seafood here: